The CNC Shop and Soco Laser are sibling companies that share operating space in Rohnert Park, California. We serve the greater California North Bay and beyond for almost all precision cutting, routing, and production needs. With over 12 years of experience serving businesses across the nation, we have the insight to make your projects come to life! Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Our production capabilities are far reaching, with specialties in:

-Point of Purchase Displays                                  -Laser Etching, Engraving, and Cutting        

-Musical Instrument Stands and Racks          -Interchangeable Factory Pieces                       

-Intricate Large Scale Art                                     -Creating Added Value Promotional Items

                                                 -and MUCH MORE!

We cut, engrave, and etch:

-Wood (Many Varieties)                   -Solid Surface

-Plastics                                                   -Composites

  -MDF                                                       -and MUCH MORE!

You may have seen our work at Burning Man and at many of your favorite restaurants!