Here at The CNC Shop and Soco Laser, we have top notch equipment with high levels of production detail.


One of our on site tools, The MultiCam 5000. The MultiCam 5000 features these capabilities:

-Rapid traverse speeds of 3000 IPM                           -Single Stage 10:1 Precision Planetary Gearboxes

-4000-line encoder with quadrature sampling       -4,000 lb. load capacity

-Cutting Speed: 1,800 ipm                                             -Positional Displacement Accuracy:+/- 0.005" over 10 feet

High Levels of Production Detail


Here you can see the high level of detail both our router and laser. Left: our router produces intricate patterns, cuts, and designs. Right: our laser can produce very life-like images.

Blueprints, Files, and Plans


We are able to use your designs, or collaborate to create one. We can produce the necessary files for digital blueprints. From here we can produce nearly any custom created parts or full assembly.